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Water: human rights vs economic good

The following article is copied from It is about how to deal with “scarcity” of water. Treating it as an economic good by giving it a Price and thus value versus the fact that water as a vital resource for … Continue reading

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Article from FAZ, 12.03.2012

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water scarcity in Darjeeling (extract)

The following article is an abstract from Darjeeling Times by Bhotoo Singh Chhetri. Though written in 2006 the issues is still relevant. Now days, it has become a common known fact to the people of Darjeeling from every walks of … Continue reading

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More ads!

Aquafina by Pepsi Kinley by Coca-Cola Bisleri

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Ad for Himalayan Water

The ad suggests purity and the eternal longing of mankind to go back to nature – by drinking water from a plastic bottle. India is littered by plastic. Bottles, crisp’s bags, plastic straws  and much more. The traditional packaging way … Continue reading

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NZZ: Dam project causes tensions in Central Asia

According to an article in today’s NZZOnline [german] by Almaty based German journalist Marcus Bensmann, Tajikistan’s Rogun dam project causes considerable tension in the region. It’s a very interesting piece on a medially underrepresented, but nonetheless interesting and important region. … Continue reading

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Beim Wasserholen

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Newswire: Turkish dams in foreign media

The Turkish news agency Anka (finally?) notices in a dispatch, that debatable Turkish dam projects are being discussed in foreign media. The LA Times writes about Hasankeyf and Le Monde about Allianoi, a graeco-roman archeological site threatened by the Yortanlı … Continue reading

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