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Water scarcity in Darjeeling

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Green Boundaries within the Indian Subcontinent

Climate Change British consultancy Maplecroft listed India as second in the group of countries most at risk from climate change. Bangladesh came first, facing the loss of a large part of its coastal landmass to rising waters. Enivronmental Diplomacy India … Continue reading

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Industry poisons land and water in Gujarat

Abstract from Asia Times – A short commentary Gujarat is economically one of the most successful states in India. But to what price? The following abstract from Asia Times gives an account on the the impact on environment and people. … Continue reading

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Whose Job is Hasankeyf?

Targeting the Funders After the refusal of Austria, Switzerland and Germany to grant export credit for the construction of the Ilısu dam project and Turkey’s explicit determination to continue the project, local funders, especially banks, play a key role. Big … Continue reading

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