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Aerial Firefighting and Disaster Capitalism

War is the father of all things, Heraclitus purportedly said. Certainly, war boosts economic potentials of very specific industries (while bringing demise to others). The most recent exterritorial European war in Libya helps market European fighter jets, which are seemingly … Continue reading

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The Dasani Paradox

The Coca Cola Company has been selling purified and artificially remineralized tap water as Dasani (or Bonaqa in Germany) since 1999. The purification process is complex and intricate, which makes it a costly alternative to other potable water brands. I … Continue reading

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Italy’s Public Says “No” to Water Privatization

Italy’s voting public have overturned no less than four laws by the Berlusconi government in today’s referendum. In the wake of Fukushima the public’s clear ballot against a revival of nuclear energy in Italy understandably takes up a prominent position … Continue reading

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NZZ: Dam project causes tensions in Central Asia

According to an article in today’s NZZOnline [german] by Almaty based German journalist Marcus Bensmann, Tajikistan’s Rogun dam project causes considerable tension in the region. It’s a very interesting piece on a medially underrepresented, but nonetheless interesting and important region. … Continue reading

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Newswire: Turkish dams in foreign media

The Turkish news agency Anka (finally?) notices in a dispatch, that debatable Turkish dam projects are being discussed in foreign media. The LA Times writes about Hasankeyf and Le Monde about Allianoi, a graeco-roman archeological site threatened by the Yortanlı … Continue reading

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Whose Job is Hasankeyf?

Targeting the Funders After the refusal of Austria, Switzerland and Germany to grant export credit for the construction of the Ilısu dam project and Turkey’s explicit determination to continue the project, local funders, especially banks, play a key role. Big … Continue reading

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If it were my home

What if the BP Oil Spill would have been teleported to where you are right now? is an effort to visualize the spatial dimensions of (in this case water related) disasters, such as the BP Oil Spill and the … Continue reading

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Water Makes Money

Last Thursday the opening night of Leslie Franke and Herdolor Lorenz’ new documentary on water privatization took place, simultaneously in dozens of cinemas in several European countries. The “politically educating” film says to take a “grass root” perspective on the … Continue reading

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Hello (water)world!

What began as a simple idea of cooperation between two water-concerned anthropology grad students at the marvellous 7th Anthropology Student’s Symposion in Zurich has now taken a first form with this weblog. Water&Culture is an open weblog dedicated to all … Continue reading

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