NEXUS thinking – or what happens if a sack of rice falls in China?

Water has become globally a hot topic. The integrative perspective on water and shifting the focus from supply to demand and bringing the tackling water as a management issue is EN VOGUE since many years and substituted under the IWRM-appraoch. In one of my next articles I want to reflect on IWRM by considering a paper written by Francois Molle on Nirwana concept.

The integrative perspective is sensible and pushes us to think in a more complex and holistic way – it makes us think beyond the box. The previous video highlights this very graphically.

We are interdependent, more and more after the post-cold war world globalized world.

The danger might be though that if we look at the big nexus we might overlook the finer lines holding together the socio-ecological system where mankind is attached to natural resources by exploiting these for their livelihoods. The social system is complex. It consists of institutional mechanisms, such as rules and regulations, demographic changes, irrigation infrastructure, pumps and power plants, and so many more attachments.

I my next article I want to show an example of energy-food and water from Gujarat.


About odissi30

My name is Puja Doshi. I am an anthropologist from Hamburg interested in the topic of water.
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