Ethopia and Karuturi Global Ltd.

Land in Ethiopia is leased to big agricultural countries such as the Karuturi Group, which is the world’s largest Rose producer. Large portions of land are bought by this indian company for agricultural export – in a country that still suffers from hunger and is dependent from foreign food support. The contracts between companies like the Karuturi Global Ltd and the Ethopian government are kept secret. The local farmers are abandoned from their land as it is not privately owned but belongs to the government of Ethiopia. Companies like Karturi expand and profit from this situation on the back of the local farmers and community management. Land is leased cheaply, machines and equipment is imported without customs and the crops are exported.

Globalization reaches its new peak: An indian company produces roses which need a lot irrigation in Ethiopia (and Kenia)  which are exported to Europe.

Episode aus der Dokumentation “Hunger in Ostafrika – ein Wettlauf gegen die Zeit” von Werner Zeppenfeld, Peter Schreiber u.a.


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My name is Puja Doshi. I am an anthropologist from Hamburg interested in the topic of water.
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One Response to Ethopia and Karuturi Global Ltd.

  1. Gopal Tandan says:

    Facts have been distorted, to the best of my opinion, as it would be foolish on the part of the Company to grow food crops and export it out of Ethiopia. In fact the price of crops like maize, etc. which is being cultivated in Ethiopia, commands a better price in Ethiopia than in the international markets. Besides, for centuries the land existed, but no one took the initiative to exploit it for growing food. Karutari is cultivating the land, which will not only benefit Karutari as a company, but the local population, and Ethiopia in general, by meeting part of its food scarcity. I do not think Karutari is growing roses in Ethiopia, but by cultivating land in large scale in Ethiopia, is demonstrating to the local population that they can also wake up to a rosy future of their community and country, Ethiopia, by taking a queue from the modern farming techniques introduced by the Company in Ethiopia! A messiah always has stone throwers!

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