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Aerial Firefighting and Disaster Capitalism

War is the father of all things, Heraclitus purportedly said. Certainly, war boosts economic potentials of very specific industries (while bringing demise to others). The most recent exterritorial European war in Libya helps market European fighter jets, which are seemingly … Continue reading

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The Dasani Paradox

The Coca Cola Company has been selling purified and artificially remineralized tap water as Dasani (or Bonaqa in Germany) since 1999. The purification process is complex and intricate, which makes it a costly alternative to other potable water brands. I … Continue reading

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Italy’s Public Says “No” to Water Privatization

Italy’s voting public have overturned no less than four laws by the Berlusconi government in today’s referendum. In the wake of Fukushima the public’s clear ballot against a revival of nuclear energy in Italy understandably takes up a prominent position … Continue reading

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