Cause for Concern

Abstract from the local page of the Times of India, Bhubaneshwar-Cuttak (march 19, 2011)

Cuttack is facing imminent water shortage due to the water supply scheme by the government that allows the Indian Oil Corporation Limited to collect water from the Mahanadi riverbed at Jobra and carry it to Paradeep through pipes.

More than a hundred 1,000-metre-long pies will be laid from Cuttack…Thousands of pipes are stacked in the company’s store yard [with the result that large part of grazing land is used to store pipes. Feeding cattle and domestic animals is becoming a problem.]

Development activist Rini Mohanty said, “Water has become so precious and it is surprising why the government is taking such a decision to siphon out water from Cuttack.”

Dilip Mallick, secretary of the movement says, “The canal is basically meant for farmers. People in the downstream are suffering in their farms and goverment does not think of their plight.”

It’s a scandal to pipe water as it is no longer accessible for local farmers! Water has a different significance than oil. Oil pipelines exist in order to transport oil, but by transporting water in pipes excludes people and is a massive threat to their livelihood.


About odissi30

My name is Puja Doshi. I am an anthropologist from Hamburg interested in the topic of water.
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