Ad for Himalayan Water

The ad suggests purity and the eternal longing of mankind to go back to nature – by drinking water from a plastic bottle.

India is littered by plastic. Bottles, crisp’s bags, plastic straws  and much more. The traditional packaging way like  edible banana leaves, clay pots, coconuts etc. are substituted by plastic. This is nothing new. But because of the  lack of dealing with the rubbish its thrown immediately out after using the product packed in the plastic as it is considered as dirty to keep rubbish until you find a dustbin (which is also difficult because there are hardly enough dustbin). The ironic part is that throughout the country you will find signs (in English!) saying not to litter and keep it clean and green.

We went to a boat trip on chillika lake in Orissa, Asia’s biggest brackish water lake, home of the Irriwadi dolphins (we saw one!). The guide of our tour requested the people in hindi not to litter, there were even signs warning that to litter is an offense which is punished with a fine. But still some people on the boat were throwing cigarette boxes into the water just after watching the dolphin. India’s nature is beautiful, but there are dumps everywhere. It would be a great system to put up a deposit- just like the German ‘Pfand’. Poor people would have an incentive to collect the bottles and to make some money. One rupee on each bottle deposit would be enough.



About odissi30

My name is Puja Doshi. I am an anthropologist from Hamburg interested in the topic of water.
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