Waterscarcity during christmas

Ironic enough –

Ireland’s pipes stopped transporting water. In the year of the crisis Ireland suffered a water crisis during christmas. It has been the coldest winter since 1982, from minus 15 degrees Celsius the temperature went up to plus 10 within 2 days. The unusual cold (climate change?) and the rapid change of temperature caused a nationwide lack of water supply throughout the country. Considering Ireland to be one of the water abundant countries in Europe this was an ironic message during christmas (maybe from God himself). It remembered us how vulnerable we are from day-to-day 24 hours water supply and from our infrastructure.

We always talk about the scarcity of the resources and forget the infrastructure and it’s vulnerability…


About odissi30

My name is Puja Doshi. I am an anthropologist from Hamburg interested in the topic of water.
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