Newswire: Turkish dams in foreign media

The Turkish news agency Anka (finally?) notices in a dispatch, that debatable Turkish dam projects are being discussed in foreign media. The LA Times writes about Hasankeyf and Le Monde about Allianoi, a graeco-roman archeological site threatened by the Yortanlı Dam Project, even more imminently than Hasankeys is threatened by Ilısu, even if the media fuzz is far bigger about the latter. (Yortanlı has been ready to be filled up for five years now, Ilısu is not even constructed yet.)

Turkey’s debatable dam projects have found their way into foreign media. A local coverage by the Los Angeles Times has found the following word for Hasankeyf: “Once an important leg of the Silk Road that once connected Asia with Europe, the historical town of Hasankeyf, situated on the banks of the Tigris, is an important piece of history and securing the livelihood of up tp 3.000 people through tourism. But as the government is making quite an effort to quickly advance with the construction of a big hydroelectric centre, a sizeable amount of archeologic preciousnesses will be buried unter water.”

Le Monde has written about Allianoi in the following way: “Nothing seems to be stopping the dam projects that are threatening Allianoi. The Yortanlı Dam Project, launched 15 years earlier, is breaking environment and historical heritage protection laws. There are dozens of verdicts against the construction companies. After all, the project’s profitability is also arguable. Halbuki Allianoi could have attracted hundreds of thousands of tourists.

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